Ankit Darda is a strategic architectural designer focusing on cross-disciplinary collaboration between architecture and design. Ankit holds a Professional Master’s degree in Architecture and presently based in St. Louis area. He is a recipient of Re-Thinking Future Sustainability Award 2014 and Young Designer of the Year 2014 by IA&B Forum.

Being born and raised in a diverse, multi-cultural environment in India, Ankit’s work and thinking has also evolved around the contemporary cultural juxtaposition within architecture and design. Ankit believes in nature as a source of inspiration and cross-disciplinary design dialogues for holistic and ecological sustainability. Ankit became a licensed architect in India and has over three years of diverse work experience across India and United States. Currently, he is actively working towards getting his architectural licensure in the United States and collaborating on various projects including Georgia Aquarium, Sea World San Diego, and Mississippi Aquarium Gulfport.

When he isn’t working, Ankit enjoys cooking gourmet Indian food, bicycle around forest parks, traveling unexplored experiences. He loves to share different design thoughts and can be reached at