Revit In-Place families are a quick and useful way of creating and modifying the custom model component inside your project file. However unlike regular ‘.rfa’ Revit Families are not generally available for use in other projects and affect the performance issue in your .rvt file.

Many users know of the steps to export model in-place families to external Revit projects via group option but not many know that there is also a way to export these in-place families to the loadable ‘.rfa’ separate family to reuse it over different projects.

Step 1: Select the in-place component and click ‘Edit in Place’.

Step 2: Select the geometry from in-place family to export as .rfa and select ‘Create Group’. Click ‘OK’ for Create Model Group dialog Note: The name you choose for your group will be the default name for the ‘.rfa’ family file.

Step 3: Select the above-created group and go to ‘File > Save As > Library>Group‘.

Step 4: Below ‘Save Group‘ dialogue box will open and allow you to edit your file name and file directory location. Click Save to create your loadable ‘.rfa’ family. Not to mention the new file type is ‘.rfa’. Note: The filename defaults to the same as the earlier chosen group name.

You have done it! Your component is now a standard ‘.rfa’ Revit family and can be independently edited and loaded into any other Revit projects.

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