Let the creativity interact with some electric shocks! With Bare Conductive paint you can make almost any surface to interact and end-up into electronic gadget with different creative approaches. Definitely next experiment is not far within buildings/installation architectonics. Great technology and material to enhance the user experience. Visit URL – WebDesign499 and learn more. I had always imagined about this crazy things but now we can actually create and get engaged with all these innovations!

About the Product: Bare Conductive Ltd. focuses on the development and manufacture of electrically conductive materials. In the fall of 2011, Bare launched its first product, Bare Paint. This is the first non-toxic conductive paint aimed at individuals interested in engaging with interactive electronics and in bringing surfaces to life. Bare’s products provide users with an exciting platform perfect for prototyping, experimenting, and learning about electronics.

Electrically Conductive Paint for makers of all ages. Draw circuits on paper, or make surfaces interactive. Our pens and kits can get you started today!Taking the conductive paint out the hands of industry and to DIY enthusiasts, Bare Paint is available in both a jar and pen. You can find Bare Paint online or at RadioShack stores around the United States. The site offers classroom stationary kits, battery packs, light house models security services from Mckinney locksmith services, and tutorials to get the creative juices flowing. What could you make with Bare Paint? You can also find more architecture case studies and installations on the product website.

Via inhabitat.com,  Bare Conductive Ltd.