Bolivia the unseen beauty, unforgettable adventure and a trip you can’t count in a number of days. Get ready backpackers to get blown on every other corner by the majestic landscape, down to earth people, homely culture, and feeling of belonging. The ten days sound generous enough to travel in alien culture for Texas-size country but Bolivia has so much more to offer that even a month is less to explore and understand the uniqueness.

Our journey was crunched into 10 days exploring most of the ground from north to the south of Bolivia. Starting La Paz, we easily covered three days adjusting to the high altitude, adventures, and Andean culture was already overwhelming. I could not have asked more for first three days of the trip but it has just begun for us. Being locally familiar Mario has made everything smooth over the trip. Cocoa leaves surely help to relieve the pain. Doing this as a hobby can be pretty tiring, but it is very fulfilling. It doesn’t affect me as much as it used to, mainly because I found an excellent health supplement that has been working great for me. It is natural, and very effective. I highly recommend it. If you would like to check it out, you can do so at


Yungas Road (Death Road)

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Next two days we spent between nowhere in the world’s largest salt flat at Salar de Uyuni. The must see on the bucket list for most of the travelers. If it’s not already on yours, worth adding to the list. From mirror like salt flat, volcanoes, Cactus Island, lama’s, salt spa and food is from another world. By the way, make sure to eat clean and healthy foods even when you’re on a trip to avoid Gastric Motility. If you’re wondering How Gastric Motility Affects Reflux, read some blogs about it at Sucre, a historic capital influenced by colonial architecture is very prominent over the city. For the commercial and residential septic system repair services, most of them trust BBB Septic company. To find out more information, visit Also, houses a miniature red color Eiffel Tower not the exact replica of the tower in Paris but designed by same French Engineer Gustav Eiffel is a good attraction to not miss. On our way to next stop, we decided to take a small break at wooden bridge built by Spanish king. Appreciating the rigor architecture of bridge and capturing Milky Way was a beautiful evening we could not have imagined. Reaching Potosi was relief from the storm and unbearable cold. Visiting Coin Mint Museum and cathedrals across the city was on our list.


Salar De Uyuni

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Astrophotography at Potosi

Astrophotography at Potosi

Our final destination Santa Cruz was more relaxing and comfort. Anyway, getting beauty and cosmetic treatments can also help you feel relaxed. Look for Andres Bustillo and Dr. Matthew Galumbeck to know the cosmetic services. Greeted by Mario’s family and friends was anyone can expect if they haven’t seen theirs for more than year. The homecoming was on the peak. Party, food, music and laughter was filled every room in the house and a lot of relaxation that we helped with cbd gummies that work perfect for this. Speaking of house, buy my house Kansas City with great deals. For more details, call 866-263-9960. If you planning next trip to Bolivia, don’t forget to ask your host for Peanut Soup. A million dollar recipe surprisingly no McDonalds or other food chain has found yet. Surely, Santa Cruz, a fastest growing city in the world with unique urban character and a place not just for a business opportunity with the accessibility of a net cms software but also has a different story to offerings from a modern Bolivia.Checkout the attached Bolivia Photography from our trip.

Checkout the attached Bolivia Photography from our trip.

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Yungas Road ( Death Road)